Idera Cranks SQL Server Backup and Recovery

By Lisa Vaas  |  Posted 2006-02-28
An update to Ideras SQL Server backup and recovery software cranks the speed and tightens ties with the latest version of the database.

SQLsafe 3.0, which Idera announced on Feb. 28, is a recovery tool that features encrypted and multi-server backup, designed to help to ease backup and restore across large SQL Server environments.

The update features full SQL Server 2005 support on the software side, as well as support for Intel Itanium 2 and x64-based servers on the hardware side.

SQLsafe 3.0 also has a new Web console, allowing users to monitor and analyze backup and recovery and to access historical information at any time from a Web browser.

As far as speed improvements go, the update has new encryption algorithms that serve to boost speed even with the highest encryption strengths.

In related news, Idera also announced on Feb. 28 a recent benchmark, conducted with NEC Solutions America, Texas Memory Systems and Emulex.

In the benchmark, SQLsafe set a new performance record, achieving SQL Server backup speeds over 4.5TB per hour and restores speeds over 2.3TB per hour.

The upgrade also features .Net 2.0 integration.

Ideras press release cites SalesForce, a customer and award-winning call center operator in Australia and New Zealand.

"At SalesForce, SQL Server plays a crucial role in our business, so we must keep diligent backups and be prepared to restore a database in an instant," Matt Griffiths, SQL Server database administrator, is quoted as saying.

"With SQLsafe, not only do we get an excellent backup and recovery solution that can be implemented effectively across our enterprise, we also keep costs down by saving a lot of disk space and with Ideras simple pricing structure. Furthermore, because SQLsafe runs outside of SQL Servers address space, it never affects the performance of our SQL Server environment."

SQLsafe version 3.0 is available now and is priced at $995 per SQL Server instance. To download a free 30-day trial, go to Ideras site.

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