JDBC Driver Connects Java Apps, SQL Server

By Matthew Hicks  |  Posted 2002-05-03

Microsoft Corp. this week released a new driver for its SQL Server 2000 data management system that allows developers to connect Java applications to the database.

The SQL Server 2002 Driver for JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is available now for free download to licensed users at www.microsoft.com/sql/downloads. It is a Type 4 JDBC driver that offers much better performance than Microsofts previously available SQL Server connector for Java, a Type 1 ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) JDBC bridge that was introduced in 1997, said Joe Yong, a SQL Server product manager.

The move to offer a JDBC driver is in response to customers who have asked for greater interoperability between SQL Server and Java, officials said. The Redmond, Wash., software maker promised to deliver a driver in January during the Professional Association for SQL Servers users conference. It has been in beta testing for the past six months.

Third-party JDBC drivers have been available for some time, and for its supported driver Microsoft licensed the technology from vendor DataDirect Technologies, of Rockville, Md. Microsoft optimized it for SQL Server 2000 and is providing support, said Product Manager Sheryl Tullis.

The current release of the JDBC driver supports the JDBC 2.0 specification. Microsoft has begun the process of getting the driver certified for Sun J2EE CTS, IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic, officials said, but couldnt provide a date for their release.

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