Larry Ellison: Everyone Else Must Fail

By Jim Louderback  |  Posted 2003-10-07

Larry Ellison: Everyone Else Must Fail

With all the hoopla surrounding Oracle, PeopleSoft and Larry Ellison, Karen Southwicks timing couldnt be better. Her in-depth look at Oracles past, present and future—focusing on Larry Ellison—is scheduled to come out in November.

We got our hands on an early copy of her book—titled "Everyone Else Must Fail"—and couldnt put it down. Chock full of juicy rumors, detailed reporting and a brutal look at Oracles past and present business practices, every Oracle customer—or competitor—should read this book.

So we set about trying to give you an exclusive preview of "Everyone Else Must Fail"—and thats what you see here. Weve opted to bring you a section from the latter part of the book, where Southwick looks at where Oracle and Ellison are going from here. She paints a bleak picture, suggesting that Oracles better days are behind them.

So read through our exclusive excerpt, and after youre done, stop by our Southwick will be hanging out all week, answering your questions about Oracle, Larry Ellison or any of her past books—including the detailed look at Sun and Scott McNealy she published back in 1999.