MySQL Gains Third-Party Support

By Lisa Vaas  |  Posted 2003-04-11

MySQL Gains Third-Party Support

A roster of third parties is expected to announce support for MySQL ABs open-source database on Friday, the second day of the companys first-ever users conference, including announcements of report-writing tools, backup technology and CRM applications.

Blue World Communications Inc. is unveiling at the San Jose, Calif., show Lasso Reporter 6, a tool for creating reports from data within MySQL databases. The software runs on Lasso Professional 6, Blue Worlds Web application server, and is designed with an eye to cutting out the need for IT intervention when business professionals need to run reports.

"Lasso Reporter was born out of a real knowledge management need within our own company as we migrated from an old workgroup database system to a new system and no longer had access to intuitive, GUI-based tools for quickly building reports," said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of the Bellevue, Wash., company, in a statement. "In fact, the lack of easy reporting tools is one key reason why many knowledge workers hold off on migrating their solutions to more robust database systems. With Lasso Reporter, that barrier is removed."

Lasso Reporter 6 is scheduled to ship later this month. It will be available as a free download from Blue Worlds site and requires Blue World Lasso Professional 6.

Other announcements expected include a plug-in to perform backup on the recently released MySQL database for the 64-bit Intel Itanium 2 processor running the Linux operating system. The plug-in works with Version 5.1 of software from the plug-ins maker, enterprise backup vendor Arkeia Corp., of Carlsbad, Calif.

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The plug-in is designed to perform either incremental or full MySQL backup while data is online and accessible. Backup can be defined to the table level. The plug-in is compatible with MySQL Version 3.21 to 3.23 and with Versions 4.0.x. It functions with all table formats and is available for Linux (IA32, IA64, PowerPC, SPARC), Windows, AIX, Solaris, UnixWare, Irix, Tru64, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

The plug-in for Arkeia 5 with one client license is $190; the plug-in plus MySQL 4.0 Classic Commercial with one client license is $390; the plug-in plus MySQL 4.0 Pro Commercial with one client license is $590.

Also at the show, Emic Networks, of San Jose, will announce Emic Application Cluster (EAC) for MySQL with support for the InnoDB transactional storage engine. The new version of EAC also adds consistent non-locking reads and table-level locking updates and inserts. Emic Networks EAC will be available in late May, priced at $1,495 per CPU.

SupportWizard Inc., of Redwood City, Calif., will unveil EnterpriseWizard, a customizable CRM (customer relationship management) application for small to medium companies. EnterpriseWizard is designed for companies with fewer than 3,000 employees. Pricing starts at less than $500 per seat and under $50 per seat as a hosted service. EnterpriseWizard will be available sometime in the second quarter, 2003.

Finally, TechExcel Inc., a Lafayette, Calif., maker of CRM, help desk and defect-tracking solutions, will announce that all its products will support MySQL.

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