Syware Debuts Database Software for MS Smartphone

By Lisa Vaas  |  Posted 2003-05-22
Syware Inc., maker of mobile database tools, is rolling out software to enable creation of Smartphone database applications.

The product, FoneDB, is based on Microsoft Corp. Windows-powered Smartphone software. FoneDB allows mobile operators, wireless content developers and end users to create full-color, data-driven applications for mobile phones without the need for programming.

FoneDB applications are driven by forms created on a desktop PC. The development environment features a set of common controls including labels, edit boxes, check boxes, drop-down lists and buttons. Data can be formatted as text, integer, floating point, currency, date or time.

FoneDB applications can be downloaded or e-mailed to one or more Smartphones. Data can be transferred between Smartphone devices or between Smartphones and PCs. Data can also be shared between a FoneDB applicataion and ODBC-enabled applications on desktop PCs such as Microsoft Access or Oracle Corp. applications.

FoneDB Professional Edition is available now at Sywares site for $399. It includes one license to create and modify a FoneDB database, one FoneDB ODBC driver license, and run-time licenses for 10 individuals. Ten-pack run-time licenses are available for $50; 100-pack run-times cost $300; and 1,000-pack run-times cost $1,000.

Syware is in Cambridge, Mass.

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