Quest Tool for Oracle Database Developers Will Support Microsoft VSTS 2010

By Brian Prince  |  Posted 2009-02-26

Quest Software is offering an Oracle Database Schema Provider tool for the upcoming release of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010.

The systems management vendor made the announcement at the VSLive San Francisco conference held Feb. 23 to 27. The new tool, which will soon be available as a beta, "provides Oracle support for VSTS, enabling Oracle developers to fully participate with other VSTS team members throughout the entire application life cycle," officials at Quest said in a statement.

Microsoft pulled the covers off VSTS 2010, the third generation of Microsoft's IDE (integrated development environment), earlier this week as part of the VSLive conference in San Francisco.

"We see a real need in the developer community for Oracle support on Visual Studio Team System, and are working closely with Microsoft to provide a solution that will allow Oracle developers to work alongside other Visual Studio Team System users," Larry Humphries, vice president and general manager of database management at Quest Software, said in the statement. "The release of the Database Schema Provider will bring real value to this market, and underscores Quest Software's continued support for Oracle database professionals."

The new tool "enables Oracle developers to perform offline design, development and change management in VSTS, and integrate their changes into the application's automated build schedule. This capability ensures that all database changes are managed and tracked in the system, unifying Oracle professionals with the rest of their organization's VSTS team," the statement said.

"We are pleased to have Quest Software supporting Visual Studio Team System 2010," Jason Zander, general manager of Microsoft's Visual Studio Developer Division, said in the statement. "With this forthcoming solution, Oracle developers will be able to take full advantage of the benefits of Visual Studio Team System."

To register for the upcoming beta program, developers can visit the TeamFuze site.

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