APC Mouse Can Identify Users

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2005-05-16

APCs latest "prosumer" ware is a USB optical mouse equipped with a fingerprint reader and bundled with decent password management software for Windows systems.

The $59 Biometric Mouse Password Manager, which shipped this month, is a good choice for users who want to ensure more secure transactions on the Internet. I used the mouse/fingerprint reader to access my Web-based mail and banking applications.

Remembering to carry my special mouse is a step I wasnt sure I could handle. However, my tests of the Biometric Mouse Password Manager showed its worth adding to my mental checklist of things I must have with me before I leave the house or office.

I installed the drivers and software, enrolled a couple of fingers, and added passwords for commonly accessed sites (such as my bank and my Web-based e-mail account). It was super-convenient to access Web sites for which Ive purposely made up hard-to-guess passwords.

I loved just sticking my thumb on the reader and letting the password manager handle the tedious log-on process. It was also a snap to switch between users on my Windows XP laptop, and as many as 20 users can be enrolled on the system.

More information is at www.apc.com.

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