Apple Mac Sales Are Surging: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-08-23

Apple Mac Sales Are Surging: 10 Reasons Why

Apple's Mac sales are growing at a rapid clip. In fact, the latest reports suggest Mac sales are up 26 percent since Apple released its new MacBook Air and Mac OS X "Lion." For Apple, that couldn't be better news.

The company's mobile products, namely the iPad and iPhone, are well-known as revenue leaders for the company. But shareholders like to see several different products helping to lead sales. With Macs helping out even more, those folks should be quite pleased to hear the latest news.

In the past, though, Macs haven't been so popular. Folks looking for the best deals possible bought products from competing vendors, including HP and Dell. And in the process, Apple's market share figures slid. But as Apple's brand staged a resurgence, more people warmed to the idea of spending a bit more to get their hands on Macs. Today the computers are arguably some of the most desired products on store shelves.

Read on to find out why so many people are finding reasons to buy Macs:

1. Design, design, design

The special sauce in Apple's recipe for success in the computing space is the company's product designs. A quick look at its Macs compared with computers from HP or Dell reveals that Apple truly understands what appeals to the average consumer while most other brands seem to pay less to their designs. If it weren't for the outstanding designs of Macs, it's tough to say what Apple's computing business would look like right now.

2. Security is a factor

Debate rages over whether or not Macs really are more secure than Windows machines. Some say that they aren't and that Windows gets a bad rap because more hackers target it. Others, however, say that Windows has flaws that Macs don't have and malicious hackers have more difficulty attacking Mac OS X. Regardless of which is true, it's not a stretch to say that Mac users are more likely to stay safer than Windows users. And that's a key selling point for some folks.

3. Power

Apple has long believed that to provide the best value proposition to customers, it needs to deliver power. That's why its Mac Pro is so capable of handling several sophisticated operations at the same time. It's also why the MacBook Pro is arguably one of the most capable notebooks on the market. Consumers are seduced by power. Apple has been taking advantage of this fact for decades.

4. Mac OS X Lion is a top option

Windows 7 is a fine operating system for anyone looking to ditch Windows Vista. That said, it can't quite hold up against Mac OS X Lion. Apple's latest desktop operating system comes with a host of features, including the Mac App Store and its simplified design, that make it a better choice for most consumers. Combine that with the additional security, and it's clear why Apple customers want Macs.

The Mac Offers Style on Top of Reliability, Versatility


5. Longevity, anyone?

Thanks to the power that Apple provides, many of its computers can survive on the job and at home for years with far less worry about getting obsolete before their time. I know that quite well. I currently have an iMac running that I bought several years ago. My first-generation white MacBook is also holding up quite well. Simply put, Macs deliver longevity-something that in too many cases is missing in today's computing space.

6. The Mac App Store

As mentioned, Mac OS X Lion is a great option for consumers. However, that wouldn't be the case if it weren't for the Mac App Store. That marketplace, which lets users download applications to their Macs, delivers a new way for folks to get desired programs onto their Macs. The best part is, it does so without requiring them to get bogged down with CDs or other physical media. The Mac App Store is a winner.

7. Windows won't be left out

If there are some people out there who just can't stand the thought of ditching Windows by switching to a Mac, they shouldn't worry. Thanks to virtualization tools, including Parallels and VMware Fusion, users can run virtual copies of Windows right in Mac OS X. In addition, Boot Camp lets people dual-boot Windows and Mac OS X. It's a great option that shouldn't be overlooked.

8. Support is top-notch

If one could point to a single thing Apple does exceedingly well, it's offering support. When calling customer service, the support is top-notch. When things go awry with a Mac, bringing it down to a local Apple Store to have the "geniuses" at the Genius Bar take a look is almost always a rewarding experience. The same can't be said for Windows PCs.

9. Apple understands mobility

If there's anything that Apple truly understands, it's mobility. The company's iPhone and iPad prove that point quite well. But it's not just those products. Apple's MacBook Air is one of the most mobile computers on the market. It features a very thin footprint, it's lightweight, and it delivers outstanding power for its size. It's a great option-and it's catching on in a big way with consumers.

10. Style

Let's face it: Buying a computer is about more than just getting work done nowadays. Many people make computer purchase decisions for more than utilitarian reasons. Computers have, for many people, become an extension of who they are. That's why product designs mean so much today, and why folks looking to be the most fashionable or stylish choose Macs.

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