Apple Must Prove MacBook Pro Can Be Valuable to Enterprise Users

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-09-10

Apple's Mac Line: 10 Improvements We Need to See

Design aficionados have celebrated Apple's Mac line for years. The computers, which range from the small, BYOKVM (bring your own keyboard, video, mouse) Mac Mini to the high-end Mac Pro, offer strong components, nice designs and software that, at this point, Microsoft Windows PCs still can't match in terms of design and flair. For many, the Mac line Apple puts out every year is second to none. And its standing as a leader in the computing space has been well-earned.

But that doesn't mean that Apple's Mac line is perfect. From the oddly ignored Mac Pro to the Retina display in some, but not all, of the computers, there is still some serious room for improvement across the entire line. And the sooner Apple delivers those improvements and starts getting serious about listening to customers and offering them everything they truly desire, the sooner it can start chipping away even further at Windows' lead in the PC market.

To help Apple out a bit, we've decided to compile a list of items that will help Apple achieve that goal. From a new iMac line to some added value in the Mac Pro, if the company follows our lead, it'll be in good shape in the coming years.

1. New iMacs, please

Apple's 27-inch iMac is nearly impossible to find online. Save for the company's own site, nearly all retailers say the device is sold out, indicating a refresh is in order. And why not? Apple hasn't updated its iMac line since 2011, and customers looking to upgrade to a new all-in-one are waiting on the company to deliver the latest update.

2. Where is that new Mac Pro?

Apple's Mac Pro hasn't been updated in two years. What's going on? So far, Apple hasn't said what it has planned for the device, but according to many reports, it'll deliver the improvement early next year. Let's hope so-the supposedly high-end device really isn't so high-end any longer.

3. Retina displays should come to all devices

Apple's Retina display is available in its mobile products and now, the MacBook Pro. Wouldn't it be nice, though, if the high-end display comes to all of the company's Macs? As many have said, after using the Retina display on a MacBook Pro, going back to standard displays just isn't worth it. Why wouldn't Apple want to deliver that experience to all customers, rather than a small portion of them?

4. Ditch the 13-inch MacBook Pro already

There was a time when it made sense to buy Apple's 13-inch MacBook (nowadays, known as the MacBook Pro). But with a 13-inch MacBook Air already available, and an 11-inch option of that computer for those who really want to go mobile, the 13-inch MacBook Pro seems rather obsolete. It's about time Apple discontinues it in favor of larger Pros.


Apple Must Prove MacBook Pro Can Be Valuable to Enterprise Users

5. Bigger screens for all!

Following that, it would be nice if Apple started delivering bigger screens across its Mac line. The 15-inch MacBook Pro is nice and all, but where did the 17-inch option go? And topping out the iMac at 27 inches just isn't enough any longer. Bigger displays are a necessity across Apple's Mac line.

6. The aluminum look is wearing thin

Apple has gone all in on the aluminum design that permeates its entire Mac line. But it's about time the company delivers something else. Apple is a design leader. And now that many other companies are delivering aluminum designs, it's becoming part of the crowd. That has to stop in the next generation of Macs.

7. Forget the pricing complaints

Apple has always been criticized for selling its Macs at prices that might seem awfully expensive for what customers are getting. However, that premium has become synonymous with the Apple brand. And to ditch it in favor of placating critics is not the best of ideas right now.

8. More iPad integration

Apple has brought some of the iPad features that people like-including gestures and others-to Macs. But perhaps there is more than can be delivered to the Macs. How about a touch-screen-equipped MacBook Pro? How about a Retina-ready iMac? More iPad integration would be awfully nice.

9. A stronger Mac Mini pitch

The Mac Mini is often ignored in Apple's computers, but it shouldn't be. The device comes in at the affordable price of $599, and allows users to have the full Mac experience, as long as they can provide their own mouse, monitor and keyboard. It's a great value. And it's about time Apple removes it from the shadows and shows that to customers.

10. The Mac Pro's value to the enterprise

As noted, the Mac Pro needs an update. But that's not all the device requires. For years now, Apple has been unable to make the pitch to enterprise users that the Mac Pro is of value to them. That has to change. In order for the Mac Pro to be something other than a product for niche Mac buyers, Apple has to prove that its computer can be valuable to corporate users.

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