Caveo Deters Laptop Theft

By eweek  |  Posted 2002-03-11

Notebooks are easy to steal. Caveo Technology LLC, of Cambridge, Mass., has released a PC Card-based security solution for laptop computers called Caveo Anti-Theft.

The product, a Type 2 PCMCIA card, deters laptop theft by detecting motion and issuing audible warning sounds, once armed.

If the computer is moved beyond a distance specified by the owner, the anti-theft system sounds an alarm and shuts down the computer, preventing access to the operating system.

Caveo Anti-Theft is also a data protection system, boasting an encryption option to protect confidential information and providing secure storage off the hard drive.

Caveo Anti-Theft includes Analog Devices Inc.s ADXL202 micro- machined motion sensor.

It is available now, priced at $99 per card.

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