Intel Launches Core 2 Duo; Prices, Ship Dates Announced

By Mark Hachman  |  Posted 2006-07-14

After months of teasing the market with preliminary performance estimates of Intels new Core 2 Duo or "Conroe" processor on Friday Intel finally delivered—another performance evaluation.

Intel allowed reviewers to publish independent evaluations of the new desktop chip on Friday, and released pricing information.

For now, Intels new processor both outperforms and undercuts rival AMD on price, and has forced AMD to react to the Core 2 Duo by promising a launch of its enthusiast "4x4" platform as well as new programs to educate the market on power.

In a "rolling thunder" approach, Intel wont officially launch the Core 2 Duo and a new Core 2 Extreme chip until July 27 at an event in Santa Clara, Calif., at the companys headquarters. In the meantime, however, Intel has begun shipping the Conroe chip and recording revenue, according to Intel spokesman George Alfs.

PC OEMs will launch PCs based on Conroe and "Merom," the mobile version of the Core 2 Duo, also on July 27, and ship throughout August, Alfs said.

After allowing reviewers an early look at the Conroe chip, the consensus on the chips performance is: believe the hype.

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