Adobe Targets Enterprise with Acrobat 7

By eweek  |  Posted 2004-12-28

Adobe Systems Inc.s Acrobat 7 is expected to ship this week, and Pam Deziel, director of Acrobat product marketing, spoke with PDFzone.coms Don Fluckinger about the new versions fine points to give users a better idea of what they can expect for their money.

First things first—Acrobats still on target for delivery this month?

Were working on it. In a meeting earlier this week [this interview was conducted on Dec. 17], my boss said, "I think were at nine centimeters!"

Its looking pretty good.

You worked on early versions of Acrobat—whats it like to come back to the Acrobat team in the 7 era?

I walked back into a pretty sweet situation where the product had real momentum and incredible popularity—its been really positive all the way around.

Could you have imagined in the early days of Acrobat that it could be pushed into the government and enterprise markets as its been so far?

We did. Not everybody remembers, but we had a direct sales force dedicated to Acrobat from the initial 1.0 release. We had some good initial success in financial services in New York City, and we had real traction from the beginning, and its been building over the years.

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