ECM 4.8 Is Configured for Success

By eweek  |  Posted 2006-04-17

Its hard to draw the "stop testing" line with configuration management tools.

I could spend all day (and, in fact, I have—several times) going through the screens of relevant and useful data generated by Configuresofts ECM (Enterprise Configuration Manager) 4.8.

During my recent tests, the software tracked changes made to Windows, Linux and Unix servers, as well as to Windows desktops and laptops.

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ECM 4.8 is loaded with reporting tools that will reduce the audit time associated with the large number of data control regulations with which enterprises must comply.

But, along with compliance, ECM also demonstrates (yet again) that cleaning up IT operations to streamline auditing can also reveal ways to streamline business processes. For example, I got a number of hints from the product about more effectively configuring the Labs Web and e-mail servers.

I think IT managers will see these same benefits in the data center. And, as configuration change processes get smoothed out by tools such as ECM, there is a good chance that other key IT products—such as those used to detect and fight malware—can be leveraged to further enforce accountable change management.

As I continue to test ECM 4.8 and find new ways that the product and others like it can help IT managers in heavily regulated industries get through the audit process and maintain compliance, Ill publish updates to my review, scheduled to appear in the May 1 issue.

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