HomeSite Still Tops for Coders

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2001-12-10

When Macromedia, maker of Dreamweaver, one of the most popular WYSIWYG Web authoring tools, acquired Allaire, maker of HomeSite, one of the most popular pure-code Web authoring tools, many hard-core code developers probably feared it would lead to the "WYSIWYG-ification" of HomeSite.

However, HomeSite 5, the first release under Macromedias auspices, is still one of the best options for raw-code developers. It is now even less WYSIWYG: The Design View tab in HomeSite has been removed—which could be a problem for less-experienced site authors who want to work in code but appreciate having a WYSIWYG view to fall back on.

In my tests, HomeSite 5 proved to be more stable, and I welcomed new features such as support for XHTML, secure FTP and an automated backup. I especially liked the dual file explorers that make it easy to grab files from multiple directories (see screen, above).

However, HomeSite 5 still comes across as a minor upgrade, and some users will be happy sticking with Version 4.5. Still, at $99 and $29 for an upgrade, many will find the new features and added stability worth the price.

HomeSite can be found at

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