MindTouch, SnapLogic Offer Application Integration for Under $5K

By Clint Boulton  |  Posted 2009-12-15

Open source collaboration software maker MindTouch Dec. 15 said it has worked with open source startup SnapLogic on a new solution for enterprise application integration, a very old computing challenge that plagues businesses laden with disparate applications.  

Traditionally, EAI has helped companies enable applications -- CRM applications from one vendor and database apps from another provider -- communicate with one another so that data may be exchanged between the apps with fidelity. Without EAI, entire computer systems may be rendered useless.  

EAI is not very sexy, but in an age where enterprises have dozens of different applications, it's proven quite necessary. In fact, it's been so necessary that providers such as IBM, Informatica, Tibco and others have been able to charge thousands to millions of dollars for implementations of their software across large businesses.

Now the major challenge for companies is getting their legacy on-premise software to work with Web-based cloud computing applications, and to do so without leeching their savings.

SnapLogic, a fledgling company created by Informatica co-founder Guarav Dillion, has executed such implementations as bolting Salesforce CRM implementation into the on-premise systems of a technology services company, and infusing Twitter into the business intelligence solution of a large consumer products company.

To wit, MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson told eWEEK his company is offering MindTouch Business Application Integration to medium-sized businesses for $4,995 for 50 users, a recession-friendly price for software of this kind.

SnapLogic is powering the integration layer with its DataFlow Server, whose components can read, write and transform data from any location and allow databases, files, Web and SAAS data to be shared and leveraged by existing apps.

MindTouch, whose collaboration platform includes wikis and other tools to help corporate employees work together, is offering the solution's presentation layer.

Fulkerson said that one of the things that made SnapLogic an attractive partner is that while traditional middleware apps help companies bolt applications and systems together, SnapLogic's software acts like a universal adapter to business apps, providing business intelligence reports to let business managers know how applications are performing.

The $4,995 offer for MindTouch Business Application Integration is good through Dec. 31. MindTouch will double that price to $9,995 starting Jan. 1.

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