WRQ Targets Enterprise Integration

By John S. McCright  |  Posted 2001-02-19

Host integration software developer WRQ Inc. takes a step forward this week in its effort to become an enterprise application integration company with updates of its VeraStream integration engine and Host Integration adapter.

With the enhancements, IT departments will have another avenue for rapidly making basic company data, such as inventory information, available to Web-based applications.

New in Version 8.0 of VeraStream are adapters for Siebel Systems Inc.s customer relationship management software and Baan Co.s enterprise software, as well as support for SNMP, Enterprise JavaBeans and Extensible Markup Language generation and extraction.

WRQ will add an adapter for PeopleSoft Inc.s software later this year, an official said.

Version 4.0 of Host Integrator, formerly called Apptrieve, provides a modeling tool that enables developers to describe the data in a host mainframe as a model, then use that model as an object available to the newer generation of applications.

New in this update is native access to more host systems—including VT400, 5250 and HP 700/92—as well as support for AIX and Linux.

Chris Byler, who uses an earlier version of Apptrieve, is looking forward to working with VeraStream 8.0 and Host Integrator because he said he believes they will enable some of his less technical staff to model the host data, freeing his programmers to build applications.

"I hope it will simplify our lives," said Byler, rapid application development manager at AT&T Corp., in Kansas City, Mo. "It will allow my Java and Visual Basic and Web programmers to do just that—program. Making these models is quicker than creating procedural code."

Seattle-based WRQ will take another step into business-to-business application integration this summer with the release of a new adapter for connecting business processes across trading partners.

VeraStream 8.0 will be available March 13; typical department-level pricing ranges from $25,000 to $100,000.

Host Integrator 4.0 will ship March 5, with pricing starting at $20,000.

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