Atek Tote-Remote Makes Presentations Portable

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2002-10-14

When youre giving a presentation in front of a group, you usually have two options: Walk back and forth to your laptop to move the slides along or hope that the projector has remote control capabilities.

However, the Tote-Remote from Atek Electronics provides another option: a remote control combined with a USB dongle that makes it possible to remotely manage presentations from any system using standard wireless technology.

To use the Tote-Remote, I simply plugged the dongle into a USB port and was ready to go. Using the slim remote control, I could skip forward and backward through PowerPoint slides and could also access an F5/Escape button that started or stopped a presentation. The remote control also includes a standard laser pointer.

The remote control works with other applications such as Word or Web browsers, but in these, the control simply moves the cursor up and down. The Tote-Remote requires a lithium coin battery rather than a standard less expensive, more widely available battery.

The Tote-Remote is priced at $79 and works with most Windows and Macintosh systems. More information is available at

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