Monitoring Tool Easier to Use

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2001-12-10

Whatsup gold, the venerable network monitoring utility from Ipswitch, got a face lift that makes it easier to use than previous versions while adding useful bells and whistles, such as in-depth SNMP device identification.

I had WhatsUp Gold up and running within minutes using a variety of network discovery methods. WhatsUp Gold allowed me to dig deep into the MIB variables of my routers and switches to accurately identify their characteristics and capabilities.

WhatsUp Gold also makes it easy to keep track of new devices that are added to the network, one of the most difficult tasks of a network manager. As I added and moved devices, WhatsUp Gold ably updated the network map.

I had to do a little fine-tuning with the network connections to accurately reflect my changes. It would also be nice to get a detailed report on the adds/moves/ changes that occurred within specific segments.

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