Resonate Extends Websphere Tools

By Paula Musich  |  Posted 2002-04-29

Resonate Inc. last week announced it is extending its monitoring and management of IBMs WebSphere to include components the Web application server interacts with most often.

The Sunnyvale, Calif., service-level-management company will extend its Resonate Commander Solutions suite to enable monitoring and managing of IBMs MQSeries middleware, HTTP Server, AIX operating system and DB2 database management system.

Resonate is adding new modules to its application performance management suite that will provide service-level monitoring and component management for elements of a WebSphere environment. The move is aimed at large financial services companies that use WebSphere. Resonate said it is unique among performance management providers in that its tools correlate user data with application monitoring and measurement.

Modules being added to the suite include Resonate Command Module for WebSphere MQ, for monitoring and managing message queues; Resonate Command Module for HTTP Server, for monitoring the total number of requests received; and Resonate Command Module for AIX, for monitoring the operating system. All are due by July.

A new Resonate Command Module for DB2 Universal Database, for monitoring database activity such as database connections, CPU performance and percentage of use, is due next quarter.

Resonate Command Module for WebSphere Application Server uses a proprietary management interface that Resonate helped IBM develop for monitoring application objects such as servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans and Java virtual machines. Resonate officials said IBM will add support for the emerging Java Management Interface, dubbed JMX, in a new release of WebSphere due this summer.

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