Save-N-Sync Harmonizes Data

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2002-09-02

Synchronizing files between systems or network folders is something all of us must do, but syncing today has changed little from its early days.

Fortunately, a small company called Peer Software has found a way to do the job better. Using Peer Softwares Save-N-Sync 2.0, I was able to sync multiple folders, do bidirectional syncing and run syncs on a schedule.

I could also do real-time monitoring that synced files whenever they changed.

Like most syncing applications, however, Save-N-Sync lacked some of the advanced file comparison features that I wanted. Also, it doesnt show a report of changes that will be made before a sync runs. In these areas, it comes up well behind my personal favorite in syncing, FileWares FileSync shareware application.

Save-N-Sync prices start at $29 for a single standard edition and range to $449 for the corporate edition. For more information, go to

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