FrontRange Hits GoldMine With App

By Dennis Callaghan  |  Posted 2001-08-06

FrontRange Solutions Inc. added to its suite of applications for small businesses with the release of GoldMine eCommerce last week.

The application, which allows small businesses—mostly those with fewer than 100 employees—to operate full-functioned e-commerce sites, follows up on FrontRanges applications for sales and marketing automation and customer service.

The main eStore module of GoldMine eCommerce provides site, catalog and product management capabilities, along with payment and tax processing; shipping, fulfillment and customer information management and sales; and transaction and site usage reporting.

There are additional modules for customer service, advanced merchandising, preferred customers (dynamic pricing) and supplier management plus utilities for back-office user management and the importing of product data into the eStore database. GoldMine eCommerce can be integrated with the sales and marketing functions of Front- Ranges GoldMine FrontOffice 2000 suite.

Rainin Instrument Co. Inc. went live with GoldMine eCommerce in June. The company has built an online store where it sells pipettes and tips for use in laboratories. Michael DeCrescenzo, customer service and inside sales manager at Rainin, declined to comment on how many orders the site processes for the company but said it has been active.

"We havent done a tremendous amount of advertising," said DeCrescenzo, in Woburn, Mass. "Its mostly people coming to our site to read about our products and services, then seeing that they could log on and ... order."

Using the technology, Rainin can offer dynamic pricing models to its customers—different pricing structures for different customers based on the volume each customer typically buys. It also uses GoldMine eCommerces cross-selling and upselling capabilities to offer customers products related to what theyre buying and allows repeat customers to set their payment and shipping preferences.

Licensing for the eStore module starts at $3,000 per year. The Customer Service and Preferred Customer modules and the Back Office User and Import Manager utilities are each $550 per year. The Advanced Merchandising and Supplier Management modules start at $900 per year.

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