Vendor Recruits Apps for War

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-09-10

Advanced competitive Strategies Inc. is bringing increased scalability and speed to its war on bad business planning.

The Portland, Ore., company late last month introduced new versions of its ValueWar software, which is used to analyze strategies for introducing and repositioning products, setting sales goals, and ironing out sales problems.

With the Strat-Test edition, ACS analysts and clients can evaluate hundreds of thousands of possible combinations of strategies that could be employed by the top players in a given market segment. Reports predict which strategies will offer the best performance or the greatest risk under different scenarios.

The Synopsis version of ValueWar compresses the time needed to set up the war games from months to weeks by analyzing only what officials called "critical market descriptors and uncertainties."

Projects using the ValueWar Strat-Test edition are priced starting at $150,000. Those using Synopsis are priced starting at $50,000.

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