Judge Plows Through Forecasts of Heavy Snow

By Spencer F. Katt  |  Posted 2002-12-09

After a quick stop in Baltimore to check out the Sun-Microsoft proceedings, His Hirsuteness found himself pretty impressed by J. Frederick Motz, the U.S. district judge hearing the case. Looking and sounding like a cross between Johnny Carson and Ross Perot, the judge appeared to be no fool. While his questions at first appeared naive, he quickly cut to the heart of every matter.

He also burned through court reporters, working one poor reporter so long she got ill and had to ask for a break. Motz himself charged through his court day, which sometimes ran until 8 p.m.

As of press time, he shrugged off predictions of heavy snow in the area and the possibility that the courthouse would be closed by stating that his courtroom would still be open.

"Ill be here even if I have to stay tonight," said the feisty jurist. He also said he will move the court to a hotel and hire some commercial court reporters if necessary.

A cowboy Katt crony alerted Spencer to the small town of Gillette, Wyo., which has found that a local felon performs his Internet crimes the old-fashioned way—by burglarizing their homes to access their PCs.

Oddly, the burglar has been breaking into area houses for the sole purpose of surfing porn on homeowners PCs. It seems the burglary victims computers have been used to get memberships to porn sites and then reset to automatically log on to them. When Spencer called the Gillette P.D. to verify how many homes the felon had struck, he was told the person working the case wouldnt be back until this week. "Stakeout at Aunt Beas house?" pondered the Puss.

A Furball friend from Down Under said folks following the Americas Cup New Zealand have been speculating whether the Oracle team may have forced Larry Ellison to walk the plank. New Zealander Chris Dickson was brought in as skipper early in the second round, replacing Captain Larry.

As of press time, the Dickson-helmed Oracle squad was the second team to win its best-of-seven Americas Cup challenger quarterfinal contest and will begin the semifinals this week. Reportedly, members of the crew have commented that Dickson has brought clearer communication and better decision making onto the boat.

Who knows, maybe well see Larry back on the boat in New Zealand and Skipper Dickson taking the helm in Redwood Shores.

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