Intuit Network Monitor Disappoints

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2004-08-30

Although the Intuit network Monitor Professional Edition might entice some IT staff with its low $495 price, I recommend going with an easier-to-use—and just plain more reliable—tool, such as Ipswitchs WhatsUpGold.

Intuit is more widely known for making financial software, including QuickBooks and TurboTax. Unfortunately, Intuit Network Monitor doesnt offer the ease of use or power that Ive seen in the companys financial tools. I had to back out of the install process when I noted that SNMP had to be enabled on my Windows 2000 desktop for the product to work. Then I was flummoxed by a mysterious license subsystem error.

Intuit Network Monitor is sluggish and cumbersome compared with other basic network monitoring tools. Its slow at discovery. Its slow at performing SNMP gets. And its limited documentation and myriad tabbed windows make it almost painfully difficult to manage the details.

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