MPC Targets Two-Way Server at SMBs

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2003-04-14

MPC Computers LLC on Monday unveiled its latest two-way server aimed at small to mid-sized businesses and larger workgroups.

The NetFrame 3610 is powered by Xeon processors from Intel Corp. and includes a 533MHz front-side bus, an integrated dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI controller card and 512KB of Level 2 cache.

It also boasts hyperthreading, which enables a single chip to do the work of two virtual processors.

Available in either a rack or pedestal configuration, the new server from the Nampa, Idaho, company includes 10 hot-swappable SCSI drive bays and six PCI slots with three PCI-X slots that support speeds up to 133MHz.

Available now, a sample configuration of the NetFrame 3610 using 2.4GHz Xeon chips, 512MB of memory and an 18GB Ultra320 SCSI hard drive would cost $2,296. The server can be custom-configured, said officials with MCP, formerly MicronPC.

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