Tinys Firewall Does a Great Job

By Francis Chu  |  Posted 2001-02-19

Do your telecommutting employees need a desktop firewall with a small footprint that has hefty protection? Do they have broadband service and need easy-to-use software to protect a computer that is now more exposed to hackers on the Internet?

Then take a look at Tiny Personal Firewall from Tiny Software, which includes great features such as intrusion detection that notices suspicious connections and prompts users to modify the firewall configuration, filter rules that can be set to activate at specified times, and secure remote administration.

The software runs as a service on Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows ME and Windows 2000 and is free for home users; the starting price for businesses is $39.

Users can choose low, medium or high security levels, and the firewall protects PCs with default rules that are transparent to users. Tiny Personal Firewall is also the only personal firewall that supports the digital MD5 signature for trusted applications.

Other good choices for personal firewalls are Zone Labs ZoneAlarm Pro and Network Ices Black Ice.

More information about the Tiny firewall is available at www.tinysoftware.com.

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