Analyze This (In the Field)

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-07-16

With WebApp, SPSS puts the combined power of statistical analysis and the companys extensive databases into the hands of any user with a connection to the Web.

Based on a secure Orion server, WebApp affords full access to SPSS Base and its attendant modules. This model serves distributed users while centralizing processing and data.

Relieving professional statisticians of the burden of routine updates and providing rapid turnaround of sophisticated queries from the field, WebApp allows enterprisewide access to predictive modeling and statistical analysis tools at whatever level of complexity users need.

I like the fact that a field research expedition, an expensive proposition, can test hypotheses based on field data and modify its mission while still in the field via an interface tuned to the expeditions need—and a satellite or wireless Web link.

WebApp is a software development kit. The user interface is configurable by anybody conversant in HTML, JavaScript and JavaServer Pages. WebApp ships with four ready-to-use templates.

Released at the end of last month, SPSS WebApp server licenses start at $100,000; the license costs less for current SPSS users. More information is available at

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