Client Secures File Transfers

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2003-07-28

Ipswitch continues to polish its FTP client, making it a reliable choice for IT managers and a more secure utility for users who routinely transfer files.

The new Hot Drop feature let me put an icon representing a file transfer target on the desktop. My tests showed that this was a good way to automate file transfers and should enable IT managers to reduce help desk costs and speed user training by removing any need for users to learn FTP commands.

WS_FTP Pro 8.0 let me specify a port range and an IP address for file transfers that I executed over an SSL connection. This made it possible to more securely move files over my test network.

A trial version of WS_FTP Pro 8.0 can be downloaded from The product costs $39.95 from the Web site. Ipswitch has announced a new version of WS_FTP Server 4.0 that includes enhanced security features and added management tools.

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