Grads Expect Few Tech Job Offers

By eweek  |  Posted 2002-04-24
Internet and technology-related jobs would be among the most attractive to college students entering the job market--if they could find them, that is--according to a new survey by careers Web site

According to the online poll conducted by Monsters MonsterTRAK service, 32 percent of students said they believe Internet and technology-related jobs will offer the best pay by the time current graduates reach 40 years of age. Twenty-nine percent said the field of medicine would offer the highest pay, and 13 percent said the legal field would.

But the soon-to-be new workforce members said they arent optimistic about finding jobs in the Internet/technology field or anywhere else soon after graduating. Forty-eight percent said they expect to have no job offers when they graduate. Eighteen percent said they expect to have one offer in hand. Only 11 percent said they expected to have four or more.

At this time last year, only 23 percent polled said they expect to have no job offers at graduation time. A year ago, 30 percent said they expected four or more offers.

Not surprisingly, 68 percent of graduating students said they are very concerned about getting a job after graduating.

Some, apparently, are so concerned that they wouldnt object to padding their résumés slightly in order to get interviews. While 63 percent said they would not stretch the truth on their résumés, 10 percent said they would as long as it were something small, and 10 percent said they would because "Everyone does it."

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