How to Fast-Talk Through Meetings

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2002-07-08

If youve brought together your employees and partners for a meeting of the minds, why shouldnt those not in attendance benefit from the productivity-packed proceedings? For one thing, employees who initially didnt have the time to attend the meetings might not have the time to sit through a canned version of them, either.

Recently, Ive been testing a technology from Fast-Talk Communications that could help companies cut through the clutter of recorded materials to pick out the parts they need more quickly than a full viewing would permit.

The Fast-Talk 2.0 phonetic engine breaks WAV audio files into their phonemes and generates a large text file where these phonemes are indexed for text searching. Software algorithms convert search terms to their constituent phonemes, enabling users to locate specific words in these recordings. Alternatively, I could generate a phoneme index while recording live or streaming content.

This technology would make an excellent addition to any of the virtual meeting products we tested for our July 1 eVal or to any application that works to make multimedia content more accessible.

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