Keeping the Documents Safe

By eweek  |  Posted 2002-02-11

Embattled Enron Corp. was having a tough-enough time trying to explain why it collapsed so suddenly into bankruptcy. Adding fuel to that fire were reports that its auditors had destroyed critical documents detailing the reasons for the fall.

MDY Advanced Technologies Inc. has come out with the latest upgrade of its records management software that includes ways enterprises can keep their documents safe.

With FileSurf Version 7.4, businesses involved in legal action can search their electronic documents, physical documents and e-mail for any set of relevant words or terms and automatically suspend potential document destruction, said the Fair Lawn, N.J., company.

Other features include on-screen file requests, full text search, retention scheduling, multilevel security and report writing.

FileSurf 7.4 is available March 31, with pricing starting at $150 per seat.

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