Management Tools Get Host

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-02-26

Connex Inc. released an updated version of its storage management application that supports a wide range of standards, including the Storage Network Industry Association Host Bus Adapter API.

The San Jose, Calif., companys SANavigator Version 1.5 is a Java-based storage management tool that works as a host for other storage management applications. It includes an auto-discovery feature called SANmap that inventories all SAN (storage area network) and Network Application Support resources by creating a visual map of the SAN showing all devices and their connections.

Through that, an IT manager can perform such management functions as establishing new zones and creating redundant paths.

Other new features include data zoning support for additional devices, enabling devices and paths to be organized in various ways, and a clipboard that allows copying of information about devices to a Microsoft Corp. Excel or Word file. It supports all Windows platforms, as well as Solaris and Linux. It is also interoperable with other storage management applications.

SANavigator Version 1.5 is available now, with pricing starting at $7,495 for 32 ports.

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