IT Management: Yahoo, Novell, Sprint, Motorola Execs Overpaid: Report

By Nicholas Kolakowski  |  Posted 2010-10-14

Yahoo, Novell, Sprint, Motorola Execs Overpaid: Report

by Nicholas Kolakowski

Yahoo, Novell, Sprint, Motorola Execs Overpaid: Report




Name: Carol Bartz
Company: Yahoo

The report named Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz "the highest-paid CEO at an Overpaid 25 company." Her 2009 compensation was $39 million.

Name: Carol Bartz<br />Company: Yahoo

Name: Ronald Hovespian
Company: Novell

Hovespian received $5.2 million in total fiscal-year 2009 compensation, low by CEO standards, but the company's underperformance was nonetheless enough to place it on the Overpaid list.

Name: Ronald Hovespian<br />Company: Novell

Name: Dan Hesse
Company: Sprint Nextel

Spring Nextel—and, by extension, CEO Dan Hesse—also made the Overpaid Company list.

Name: Dan Hesse<br />Company: Sprint Nextel

Name: Greg Brown and Sanjay Jha, co-CEOs
Company: Motorola

Motorola is making its second consecutive appearance on the list.

Name: Greg Brown and Sanjay Jha, co-CEOs<br />Company: Motorola

Name: Steve Appleton
Company: Micron Technology

The report cites Micro Technology's financial losses, despite its executive's steadily rising compensation, as the reason for putting it on the list.

Name: Steve Appleton<br />Company: Micron Technology

Name: Bill Morrow
Company: Clearwire

Clearwire also made the Overpaid list.

Name: Bill Morrow<br />Company: Clearwire

Name: Larry Ellison
Company: Oracle

Although Oracle has reported robust numbers (especially in comparison to some of the companies on its Overpaid list), Glass Lewis felt obligated to cite the company for the enormous size of its pay packages for top executives, including CEO Ellison and co-President Mark Hurd.

Name: Larry Ellison<br />Company: Oracle




Name: Steve Jobs
Company: Apple

The report claims Steve Jobs as the lowest-paid CEO on its "Underpaid 25" list, citing his fiscal 2009 salary of $1.

Name: Steve Jobs<br />Company: Apple

Name: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos received $81,840 in base salary and $1.7 million "in the incremental cost of security arrangements," enough to put him on the "Underpaid 25" list.

Name: Jeff Bezos<br />Company:

Name: Jeffery H. Boyd
Company: was another Web-centric company to make the list.

Name: Jeffery H. Boyd<br />Company:

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