eWEEK Daily News Podcast, July 19

By Kevin Fogarty  |  Posted 2006-07-19
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In this eWEEK Daily News Podcast: Slowdowns in PC sales mean better prices for customers; Symantec predicts security vulnerabilities in Windows Vista; AIM to get video and voice-conference capabilities, still free; SAP to miss earnings expectations, denies Oracles growing strength; "IT architect" becomes a real credential, not a vague description; and RIM may add video and audio to BlackBerry devices to attract non-business customers.

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  • PC Makers Wheel and Deal to Avoid Slowdowdown
  • AOL Launches AIM Pro Service
  • SAP, Oracle Square Off over Market Share
  • Certified IT Architect Program Gaining Ground
  • Symantec Report: Vista Code Contains Security Loopholes
  • RIM Says Media Features to Expand BlackBerry Market
  • Rocket Fuel