Ballmer Threatens Linux and Open Source with Patents Again

By Steven Vaughan-Nichols  |  Posted 2007-10-09

At a small meeting of Web 2.0 developers and partners on Oct. 1 at Microsofts London office, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once more attacked Linux and open source for violating Microsofts patents.

The meeting was a Microsoft-sponsored event: the UK Microsoft Startup Accelerator Programme launch event called The Online Opportunity.

According to Lars Lindstedt, who heads up Microsofts UK Software Economy and Emerging Business programme, "The intention was to bring together some of the UKs brightest developers, entrepreneurs and investors who are working in the Web 2.0 space."

In the meetings question and answer session, Ballmer took shots at Google ("They read your mail, we dont. Thats not pejorative, thats just a fact.") as well as Linux and open source.

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