Battle of Mambo—the Open-Source Civil War Continues

By Steven Vaughan-Nichols  |  Posted 2006-05-11

Miro International is continuing to lose developers in its attempt to maintain control of its "open-source" Mambo CMS (content management system).

Now, Mambos core development team leader Martin Brampton has called it quits.

In his resignation letter, Brampton wrote, "In terms of fundamental principles, there is a considerable concern in my mind that the Board is not informing itself about the members wishes, and not making decisions that fully take account of their interests."

"I have been very much concerned that it recently became apparent that the Board and the members were misinformed about the purported transfer of registered trademarks," continued Brampton.

Its those trademarks and copyrights, that led many Mambo developers to walk away from the project in the summer of 2005.

That August, a fight erupted between Miro International (the Australian firm that owned some of the copyrights and trademarks to the open-source) and some of its developers, over who controlled the project.

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