LindowsOS 4 Has More Than Rookie Appeal

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2003-07-14

Last month, began shipping version 4 of its consumer-focused LindowsOS Linux distribution. This edition has a lot to offer newbies, and some things for power users, too.

The $50 ($60 if you want physical media) LindowsOS starts users off with a Flash-based tutorial that describes, with sound and animation, the functions of all that comes on the desktop.

LindowsOS also has a couple of things to teach bigger-name Linux distributions. I was impressed by its handling of USB thumb drives. Most require some command-line fiddling to get going, but in LindowsOS, you plug one of these drives into a USB port, and an icon for the auto-mounted drive pops up on the desktop.

LindowsOS list price includes a one-year subscription to Lindows Click-N-Run Warehouse, which makes obtaining and installing Linux apps simple. For more information, check out

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