Novell Is Not SCO

By Steven Vaughan-Nichols  |  Posted 2006-11-08

Novell is not SCO. Novell is not the great anti-GPL. Get over it.

Im getting a little tired of the constant Novell-bashing. Do I think that Novell made a smart long term move by partnering up with Microsoft? No, I dont.

For the record, the only software company that I can think of that has ever partnered with Microsoft and done well is Citrix Systems. And, they did it by acting as if they were a branch of Microsoft.

That is not, I repeat not, the case with Novell.

What Novell is doing is a smart, short-term move. Novell makes a great Linux, but its not been making great gains to go with it.

Its investors, for those of you who know more about open-source licenses than business, have been very unhappy. How unhappy? They got the CEO and CFO booted earlier this year.

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