Novell Linux Desktop Architect Goes to Google

By Steven Vaughan-Nichols  |  Posted 2007-05-08
On May 4, Robert Love resigned as chief architect of Novells Linux desktop efforts. He has since announced that he has accepted a position at Google.

While Love hasnt spelled out what hell be doing at the Internet search giant, he did write in his blog that hell be working at Googles Open Source Program Office, the group behind Google Code, among other projects.

When the news first arrived that Love was leaving Novell, there was a great deal of online chatter that Love had left Novell because he disliked Novells patent partnership with Microsoft.

It is true that one prominent open-source developer, Samba programmer Jeremy Allison, did leave Novell over the Microsoft/Novell patent partnership and was subsequently hired by Google. However, in a brief email exchange with DesktopLinux, Love wrote that he was not leaving Novell because of the Microsoft/Novell patent deal.

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