Opera 5.0 Fills Viewing Void

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2001-05-28

Opera 5.0 for Linux has arrived, complete with a banner-ads-bearing free version whose forced viewing will at long last allow Linux users to ease their guilt over using free software.

Opera has always been a speedy performer, and Version 5.0 for Linux is no exception. In my tests, the Web browser rendered pages crisply and with as little delay as network conditions allowed.

Version 5.0 for Linux includes a few nice touches not found in its Windows-based cousin, one of which is the Hotlist search function. I could tame unruly bookmark hordes by conducting a search among them for the one I wanted.

Opera 5.0 for Linux will set you back $39—or nothing, if you dont mind giving up a block of browser real estate to a banner ad. Proceed to www.opera.com/linux for more information or to download the software.

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