Red Hat Beefs Up Enterprise Linux Desktop Security

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2006-02-15
Red Hat, which launched the "Security in a Networked World" initiative for Linux/open-source security last August, announced plans to fortify its enterprise desktop Linux platform.

"Security" in this context, however, is about identity management and authentication, rather than the typical Windows concern with viral/worm protection.

Red Hat said the new release of its Certificate System, which will include enhanced identity and authentication management and will be available by mid-2006, will primarily focus on three security areas.

First, with the new release, customers will be able to issue and use smartcards that will support automated logins in a number of applications and operating systems, according to the company, including: Microsoft Windows desktops and servers, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

Additionally, Red Hat said it is partnering with IBM and HP to develop new, deeper security criteria for US government customers.

Finally, Red Hat noted that it has received new certification from the NSS (Network Security Solutions) cryptography libraries for new security algorithms.

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