SCO Penalized $2.5M in Novell Unix Case

By John Hazard  |  Posted 2008-07-17

The SCO Group must pay Novell $2.5 million after a judge rules that Novell, not SCO, owns the rights to the Unix operating system.

Utah District Court Judge Dale Kimball ruled that SCO owes Novell for royalties it collected when it licensed Unix to Sun Microsystems, a product it did not have the rights to license. Novell had asked for more, claiming it was entitled to $20 million.

Both parties may be able to appeal the decision, suggesting that the long, overdrawn case could continue to hobble along even longer than it already has. To quote Steven Vaughan-Nichols, "Like the 11th chapter of a bad horror movie, the SCO zombie keeps stumbling forward moaning "Linux," instead of "brains."

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