Talking to the Pointy-Haired

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2001-05-21

Spend an afternoon sifting through Readme and documentation files to figure out why that bleeding-edge Linux package refuses to compile, and youll come up with this conclusion: Peoples talents tend to be parceled out unequally, which is why we sometimes end up with very bright developers who never seem to express themselves in English as well as in assembly code.

In his 191-page book, "Even a Geek Can Speak," Joey Asher attempts to lend a hand by laying out what are meant to be geek-friendly formulas for communicating with tech-world civilians.

Although the $15 books general-purpose presentation and public-speaking tips are valuable, Id expected the tome to be more tech-focused. Asher applies the geek designation fairly liberally, including placing all law school students under the geek umbrella.

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