AVflyer Offers No-Frills Meetings

By Michael Caton  |  Posted 2005-05-23

Simple, inexpensive and browser-driven, Audiocasts AVflyer Web conferencing application is a good, basic service for presenting content created in Microsoft PowerPoint over the Web.

Priced at $10 per month for a subscription that covers five named presenters and the ability to present to 10 attendees, AVflyer is one of the least expensive Web conferencing solutions Ive seen. It ably handles the basics of presenting content and hosting an interactive meeting, but it doesnt offer some of the bells and whistles, such as video, that are found in competing services such as WebEx Communications Meeting Center.

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I liked the systems content organization features. After uploading PowerPoint slides to the server, I could share them with other presenters. I also could easily organize other content to accompany the presentation, such as slide notes, surveys and polls. In addition, theres a dress rehearsal feature to help presenters get the kinks out of a presentation before going live.

Presenting requires downloading a client application, as does two-way desktop sharing. However, for most attendees, viewing a presentation on the presenters desktop requires only a Web browser. Presenters can allow text chat with one interesting wrinkle—attendee chat is always visible to the presenter.

Audiocast offers other AVflyer options that allow for 25-attendee meetings as well as larger meetings on a charge-per-minute basis. There is also a free version for one named user and five attendees. In addition, AVflyer sells an appliance licensed on a per-user basis at $195 per user.

For more information, go to www.avflyer.com.

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