AddressGrabber Parses Signatures

By Michael Caton  |  Posted 2004-12-06

Anyone who must deal with many business contacts through e-mail knows that signature files would be more useful if they could easily be exported to a contact management system. eGrabbers AddressGrabber 4.0 does just that.

AddressGrabber, available in a $130 Business version or a $70 Standard version, parses text from any Windows apps and maps it to a wide range of desktop, contact management, sales, accounting and shipping apps. Theres also a free SDK for building custom links to other applications.

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I like the Business version of the tool quite a bit, despite a few shortcomings.

To capture data, I simply selected the relevant text and clicked an app icon on the AddressGrabber floating tool bar. Users can preview data in an intermediate screen or parse directly to the target app . The companys WebGrabber can bulk-process addresses in e-mail that were generated by a Web form.

I wish a few things worked differently, though. For example, Id like an AddressGrabber button in a Microsoft Outlook tool bar, since I capture data primarily from Outlook.

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