Akonix Systems Acquires Natural Messaging

By Renee Boucher Ferguson  |  Posted 2004-03-08
Instant messaging software developer Akonix Systems Inc. announced on Monday the acquisition of Natural Messaging Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

The combination of San Diego-based Akonix and Natural Messaging, which provides interactive instant messaging capabilities, will enable companies to better integrate IM into applications, officials said.

The technology also enables users to launch IM conversations from applications while simultaneously accessing applications and databases using simple IM interfaces and conversations.

Akonix has already combined its L7 Enterprise IM gateway with Natural Messagings IM technology, as the two companies have been working together for the past year to co-market their products.

Akonixs acquisition of Natural Messaging gives it stronger competitive leverage against rival IMlogic Inc., which made its own move into integrating IM with enterprise applications with the launch of its IM Linkage product last month.

Along with the Natural Messaging acquisition, Akonix announced today its Application Developer Program, a program geared toward helping developers and system integrators better work with the combined technologies.

Natural Messaging is based in Portland, Ore.

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