E-Mail Management & Security

By Michael Caton  |  Posted 2005-04-11

Sendmail Inc.
Mailstream Content Manager 1.0

Ensuring regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly important in corporate communications, and finding ways to secure outbound communication is as important as securing inbound e-mail. Sendmails (www.sendmail.com) Mailstream Content Manager 1.0 gives messaging administrators and compliance personnel the tools to fulfill both needs admirably, making it an Excellence Awards winner.

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Mailstreams ability to intuitively configure policies impressed judges, as did its overall modular approach, which allows companies to pick other scanning engines if they wish. Mailstream also includes scanning engines from McAfee Inc. and Cloudmark Inc. for administrators seeking a bundled solution.

Furthermore, Mailstream allows companies to keep out inbound message-based attacks and provides excellent visibility into the methods used to create and deploy policies, making it easy to understand and document auditing procedures.

The judges also liked the extensibility afforded through Sendmails XXL e-mail processing language, which allows companies to create messaging workflows using Mailstream.


IronPort Systems Inc.
C-Series Messaging Gateway appliances

IronPort Systems ability to quickly manage virus attacks through its Virus Outbreak Filters elevated its C-Series Messaging Gateway appliances to finalist status.

IronPort (www.ironport.com) taps into data from its SenderBase e-mail traffic-monitoring network to establish profiles for virus outbreaks as they happen. Profiling messages for anomalies, then publishing weighted scores for anomalous messages, gives companies an excellent way to quarantine suspicious traffic before it can introduce a virus.

The ease with which updates to the C-Series Messaging Gateway appliances reputation filters allow companies to throttle inbound spam attacks also impressed judges.

Voltage Security Inc.
Voltage SecureMail 1.5 with Voltage IBE Gateway

Many products focus on securing e-mail systems from external threats, but Voltage Securitys Voltage SecureMail 1.5 with Voltage IBE Gateway helps ensure that outbound communications remain secure.

Judges particularly liked the way SecureMail eased encrypting and decrypting e-mail. This simplicity was particularly apparent on the recipient side, where users likely wouldnt have access or the inclination to install encryption software.

We were also impressed by the products smooth integration with existing e-mail workflow, which enabled critical functions such as virus scanning to continue uninterrupted.

More information is available at www.voltage.com.

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