Mailblocks Makes No-Spam Service Simpler

By Mark Hachman  |  Posted 2003-07-28
On Monday, Mailblocks is set to introduce a new version of its spam-free email service that dramatically simplifies the process of fighting spam. currently provides a $9.95/year Web-based email service that receives, sends and archives email, and serves as a front end for other SMTP and POP3 accounts. Mailblocks blocks 100 percent of all spam with no false positives, executives say, by using a "challenge/response" system to eliminate automated spamming.

On Monday, will roll out an improved challenge-response system, Challenge/Response 2.0, that aggregates the responses to challenges across the entire system. The update will significantly cut back on the number of challenges issued to individuals who interact with Mailblocks clients, dramatically lessening the "hassle factor", according to Mailblocks executives.

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