Motorola Ships Bluetooth Unit

By Peter Coffee  |  Posted 2001-04-09

Shipping this month, Motorolas Bluetooth Phone Module looks like nothing more than a slightly thicker battery cover for the companys Timeport cellular phones.

The Bluetooth transceiver concealed therein will let the phone serve, for example, as a relay node for Internet access: The phone will make the Internet connection, but the user will be able to browse on the larger screen of a Bluetooth-enabled handheld. Motorola ( had not announced the price of the Bluetooth Phone Module when this article went to press.

Motorola also plans to offer a Bluetooth headset to enable hands-free telephone use without a cumbersome cable.

I was not able to test the technology under real-world conditions, but Motorola engineers claimed satisfactory performance at up to 100 meters separation between Bluetooth devices. Automatic power adaption will trade off battery life for distance in most Bluetooth applications.

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