Protocol Info in the Zone

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2002-04-01

At Novells Brainshare Conference, I heard a couple of the companys developers touting, a handy Web site for keeping track of what is happening with LDAP, from a (theoretically) vendor-neutral viewpoint.

The site has useful information about implementing directories on a variety of operating system platforms, lots of tips and tricks, white papers, and a fairly active discussion list. One of the stated goals of the site is to host a community effort that supports and improves tools and techniques for the LDAP environment. Anyone interested in contributing to the effort should take a few moments to visit the site at

But dont think that the site is entirely vendor-neutral. One of the most glaring indications of this is that Novell is the only sponsor of the site and that Novell announcements are prominent throughout the site.

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